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by Krissi posted May 30 2014 4:42PM
Ed Sheeran comes out with a new song that is shown in the Beats by Dre adds! HERE
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by Krissi posted May 28 2014 7:38PM
And she kills it! HERE
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People : Rita Ora
by Krissi posted May 28 2014 2:23PM
Yes! Now you can listen to your favorite radio station while you are doing your business in the bathroom! The smart toilet has arrived in the US! More HERE
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Topics : Human Interest
by Krissi posted May 27 2014 1:06PM
All the information that you would ever want on the Kimye wedding! HERE HERE & HERE
by Allie posted May 27 2014 10:15AM
Because he didn't want to be photographed. Yes. That is the actual reason. He's apparently super insecure about his weight gain. Read more here!
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People : Rob Kardashian
by Allie posted May 27 2014 10:11AM
Kim looked really amazing at her wedding on Saturday! Here's some of the first pictures!
by Allie posted May 27 2014 10:02AM
Congrats to Emma Watson who graduated from Brown University this weekend with her pal...JK - her body guard! Yup, Emma's body guard totally wore a graduation cap and gown to blend in. See the pictures here.
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People : Emma Watson
by Krissi posted May 23 2014 11:24AM
You want to hear Morgan Freedman on Helium? HERE
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People : Morgan Freedman
by Krissi posted May 22 2014 7:52PM
Well Charlie now HATES Rihanna becuase she just didn't want to meet him! I mean do you really blaim her? Look what he said on twitter HERE
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People : Charlie Sheen
by Krissi posted May 22 2014 7:51PM
Well this is...original? DRUNK PUPPET music video for Sing ---> here
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