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by Krissi posted Mar 31 2014 8:14PM
In tribute to The Walking Dead season final last night...what state would you want to be in during a zombie attack? HERE  
by Krissi posted Mar 31 2014 8:11PM
Check out her cover photo on Porter Magazine! She lost the wigs, make up, and crazy but she found one hot lady! HERE 
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by Krissi posted Mar 28 2014 7:05PM
Why are they no longer friends?! Looks like someone else got in the middle of Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus's friendship. It wasn't a guy, but Eiza Gonzalez! More HERE Reasons you have lost your BFF from the past? Comment Below!
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by Krissi posted Mar 27 2014 6:13PM
This is an interesting interview style! Little Mix & Fifth Harmony interview eachother about every girly thing you could think of! Check it out HERE
by Allie posted Mar 26 2014 10:25AM
Yes, you read that correctly. Facebook is actually good for you! Why? How? Don't worry, we have the whole list for you here!
by Krissi posted Mar 25 2014 11:21AM
Miley Cyrus's Bangerz cake costed 5,000 dollars?!?! I could buy so many things with that kind of cash! Why Miley, Why! Picture HERE
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People : Miley Cyrus
by Krissi posted Mar 21 2014 3:06PM
This guy serves homeless people fine dinning! It is so funny and good for the community at the same time! Is there a better way to combine the two, we are looking for a good prank to do on camera! Any Ideas? Video HERE
by Krissi posted Mar 20 2014 12:56PM
Big increase in grocery prices this year...3.5%!! And if you are a coffee drinker, you could see 70% increase! Check out more HERE!
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