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Outfits of the Week - March 10

by Allie posted Mar 10 2014 10:43AM
My husband and I like to keep a budget for monthly expenses. I used to have the hardest time budgeting for "fun" shopping UNTIL I started shopping at Ashby in Carytown!

If you've been following along on my blog, you've probably seen how AMAZING they are. Ashby is the cutest, locally owned resale clothing store in Carytown for women AND men with amazing brands (Forever 21, Steve Madden, Free People, just to name a few) and great...and I mean GREAT prices (most under $30)! Not to mention, they have a killer jewelry selection...with new pieces EVERY time I go in!

Not only have I been able to shop guilt free because I've stayed in my "allocated" clothing budget by shopping at
Ashby, I also have the insider scoop on how to make your shopping experience the best ever!

1st - When you need a new outfit or some pieces to complete your wardrobe, go to 
Ashby. Easy enough, right? Any day of the week, you will find the GREATEST clothes and amazeball prices.

2nd - If you need help pairing some accesories with some jewelry, just ask sweet Shauna or any of the extremely stylish staff at
Ashby. They are so amazing and LOVE to help out! Plus, they have some GREAT fashion sense! (Seriously, I wish I could buy their outfits right off them. They are so cute!)

3rd - 
Ashby is a resale clothing store and they buy clothes from YOU on Thursday and Sunday. Secret shopping tip: Go shopping at Ashby on Friday or Monday for the BEST selection of all the new stuff they got in during their buying days!

4th - Sell your clothes to Ashby so you can either get 30% cash or 50% store credit! I recommend the store credit because you'll always find some amazing things to add to your closet and that store credit helps your wallet!

But don't take my word on it, go shopping for yourself! They are super easy to find in Carytown next to Mellow Mushroom or on 
facebook! And when you go, tell them Allie sent ya!

So without further ado, I must show you my legit outfits that I got from 
Ashby this week!

(Photos by Brad Strouse of Strouse Photography.)

 Super Cute Look #1 - (Actually worn on casual friday 3.7.14)

Forever 21 Top - $10 Ashby | Retail - $27+
Earrings - $10 Ashby

(Shoes and pants from my closet)

Total Cost: $20 | Regularly over $30!

I am totally obsessed with this top and earrings. I am currently going through "I want every piece of clothing in a pastel color" phase so this was PERFECT for me. And HOW CUTE ARE THOSE EARRINGS?! OMG. Love them.

Look #2 - One top, two looks

Anthropologie Top - $38 @ Ashby | Retail - $88-$128
Earrings - $8 Ashby
Bow - $9 Ashby

(Paired with a vest, pencil skirt and shoes from my closet)

Total Cost: $55 
Ashby | Retail - Over $105+

What outfits have you gotten from Ashby? Tweet me your pictures - @hot1009/@absolutelylegit.

They are super easy to find in Carytown next to Mellow Mushroom or on facebook! And when you go, tell them Allie sent ya!

(Outfits provided and sponsored by Ashby.)
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03/10/2014 10:43AM
Outfits of the Week - March 10 -
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